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How to Become a Witch

Are you considering becoming a witch? Then you must be willing to play a significant role so that you can become a witch. Witchcraft is not all about accessorizing with black cats and putting on Burberry. If you intend to become a witch you must study on how to become a witch and gather knowledge from the experts. Here is a guide on learning witchcraft for beginners.

The first thing that you need is to know is know the risks. As an aspiring witch you must know that being a witch is not about fun and games as some spells you cast come with a price. There are spells that are meant for protection, like carrying an evil eye. After gathering all the skills of becoming a witch, you must not run around town telling everyone of your newly found identity as not everyone supports of witchcraft. As a person it therefore important you know that there are risks involved if you become a witch, click to get more info.

The second thing that you need to do is choose your path. If wannabe a witch you must decide the kind of witchcraft you want to practice. Some of the paths you might choose is either ceremonial or solitary. Solitary witches are those who choose to operate alone while ceremonial witches are those who practice rituals and ceremonies. These are not only the type of witches you can become, visit The Witchy Mommy homepage and learn more.

You also need to learn some terminologies that are often used by witches. If you are more into witchcraft then you must learn the terminologies that the witches use. Initiation, altar and coven are some of the terminologies that the witches use. A coven is a gathering of witches that are led by a priestess or a priest. On the other hand initiation is a ceremony that is done after studying the practice and you are being accepted in a coven. An alter is also a terminology that is used by most witches and it means a surface where sacrifices are made, spells are chanted and worshiping is done.

The fourth thing that you need to do is stocking up. In line with the witch path you decide to follow you will need some supplies to chant your spells. Some of these supplies include candles, oils and roots, spell books, tarot cards and herbs for herbal apothecary. Lastly, you need to practice everything that you have learnt. As an individual to become an expert in witchcraft you must practice every day. With more and more practice each and every day you will be able to familiarize yourself with witchcraft.

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